Program Development and Site Planning

We work through the preliminary stages of the architectural process, starting with a project's site analysis and studies to determine the various uses of land and develop conceptual plans and general spatial layout at the project site. During this process, it gives us the best case use for topography, orientation, views, and surrounding considerations, while researching zoning regulations and other land use constraints.

Architectural Building Design

We can provide architectural and building design for residential, industrial, commercial building types and institutional, and can provide engineering services, globally, with an extensive range of skills and resources.

Project Management/Scheduling

Planning and scheduling are crucial for any project, from simple jobs like renovations to complex projects such as building a highrise to research facilities. It is important to know what needs to be done (planning) and when it needs to happen (scheduling). We can assist in project planning, which consists of determining the milestones of the project and outlining the individual tasks that need to occur for the milestones to be completed.

Construction Drawings/Specifications

We supply specifications for construction materials and workmanship required for the project. At the same time, we provide construction drawings alongside other information such as materials options, schedules, and required building permit drawings.

Interior Design and Space Planning

From residential, educational, research to healthcare we know the focus of the design can significantly affect productivity, attention, and the enjoyment of work, living and play. We take environmental considerations and creative use of materials and colors, coordination of lighting along with use of natural daylight and coordination of acoustics all combine to form a space that expertly meets the needs of the project and client.

Jurisdictional Approval Processing

While Federal, State and Local jurisdictional approvals and regulatory processes can vary, we have a broad understanding of the entitlements processing and regulatory approvals on all levels and are experienced in coordinating the approval process through the multiple layers of local to State and Federal levels. We have successfully negotiated the approvals and representation of many projects including research, chemical and industrial.